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Top 5 Must Try Dessert Spots on the East Coast

Whether you prefer hiking in the mountains or lounging in the sun, have money to spend or are budget traveling-There’s one thing we all look forward to when vacationing to a new destination: experiencing the food that every city has to offer.

From Maine to Florida, we’re sharing 5 of the most drool worthy dessert hot spots on America’s east coast. If you’re a traveler with a sweet tooth, these destinations are sure to get you inspired to plan your next trip- or let us surprise you with one!

  1. Lucky Pickle Dumping Co. in New York City Known for their Pickle flavored soft serve, this restaurant in New York City’s Upper West Side has been trending with foodies and adventurous eaters all over social media– and for good reason! Whether it’s curiosity or a genuine love for the tart taste of pickles, Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. has the sweet treats to make your next city trip one to remember. 

Dill Pickle soft serve from  The Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.  Photo by  @ms_new_foodieDill Pickle soft serve from  The Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.  Photo by  @ms_new_foodie

Dill Pickle soft serve from The Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. Photo by @ms_new_foodie

2. Swah-Rey in Saint Petersburg Created by its owners after facing the struggle of not being able to find late night dessert spots in their local area, this dessert bar located in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida is open late to cater to your sweet tooth with a tipsy twist. Their menu features mini cakes that you can add a boozy beverage to, pies in a glass, dessert bars and even tasty options for your dog- a true win for you and your traveling companion. 

A “Hookup” from  @swahreyA “Hookup” from  @swahrey

A “Hookup” from @swahrey

3. Mike’s Pastry in Boston Located in Boston’s Historic North End and now expanding to two other locations in Cambridge and Somerville, this family owned pastry shop has been curing Boston’s cannoli cravings since 1946. With endless options of traditional Italian cookies and over 19 different cannoli flavors, Mike’s Pastry is reason enough to plan your next trip to east coast. 

Cannolis from  Mike’s Pastry . Photo by @limnoveraCannolis from  Mike’s Pastry . Photo by @limnovera

Cannolis from Mike’s Pastry. Photo by @limnovera

4. Wicked Whoopies in Maine A comfort food sure to make you smile in Maine, the whoopie pie is loved by locals and guaranteed to make your next trip a true experience.  Wicked Whoopies was started by Amy in her home kitchen and has since exploded into a delicious business in Farmingdale and Freeport, Maine. Over 20 different whoopie pie flavors to choose from and each made from scratch with love, this dessert spot will have you eating like a local on your next east coast vacation.

Maple Wicked Whoopie from  wickedwhoopies.comMaple Wicked Whoopie from

Maple Wicked Whoopie from

5. Shyndigz in Virginia Butterfinger, Salted Chocolate Carmel, Nutty Monkey, Spotted Cow, Raspberry Blackout, Strawberry Nutella… are you drooling yet? Shyndigz Cafe in Virginia is slicing up some of the most unbelievable gourmet cakes so big that you’ll have to see to believe. We’ve provided a picture for your viewing pleasure, but you’ll have to travel to Virginia and taste for yourself to get the full experience. Their weekly menu is ever changing so every trip will be a new experience.

Butterfinger Cake from  ShyndigzButterfinger Cake from  Shyndigz

Butterfinger Cake from Shyndigz

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