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Scooting Around a New City

You’ve probably seen those electric scooters popping up all over the place lately. These electric scooters – which are almost exactly like the scooters of millennial youth (think Razor and bruised shins) are now motorized (way cooler) and can take you flying down the streets of a congested downtown at close to 30 mph. They have appeared in major cities all across the US, virtually overnight it seems.



Companies like Bird and Lime are setting out to challenge the way we envision short trips. They’ve gotten so popular, even companies like Uber, Lyft, & Ford are joining the new micro-mobility movement. Why pack up your car to get from that really cool restaurant in downtown to the photography exhibit at the local museum? Gone are the days of having to choose between Lyft or biking through an unknown city or attempting to figure out public transportation – here’s everything you need to know about scooting through the city.



  1. Safety First

    If you’re going to be brave and give these scooters a try, bring a helmet as they will not be provided for you. Look into local laws about where you should be riding – since these are technically motorized vehicles you probably aren’t allowed to ride on the sidewalk (we know, bike lanes are scary and uncharted territory but you’re already being so brave, you can do it!)

  2. Don’t Drink and Scoot

    We think this is obvious, but we wouldn’t be doing anybody any favors if we didn’t say it. These are MOTORIZED VEHICLES. We know it doesn’t feel, look or seem anything like a car but you should think of them in the same way and take the proper precautions.



3. Follow traffic laws
Just like everyone around you in their so-last-year daily drivers, you have to stop at that red light. Be brave, not reckless.

4. All you need is your phone
If you’re ready to try, the most important accessory you need is a smart phone. To rent one of these, you just need to use the app for whatever brand you’re looking to use. Download the app, create an account, and you’re ready to ride. It’s super easy and convenient (two things we totally love on vacation). For most brands, the average cost of electric scooters are pretty low. You pay $1 to start and then an incremental price per minute. Depending on the brand and where you are in the country, that can be anywhere from 15 cents to about 40 cents. When you’re done, all you have to do is end your ride on the app and leave the scooter behind – but be sure to leave it somewhere that’s not going to cause someone to accidentally trip over it!



If you’re ready to go explore, the most important piece of information is what cities are these electric scooters in? Considering how big the market has gotten, they’re kind of everywhere. The leading brand Bird is in 47 cities across the country while their main competitor Lime is in just under 100 cities and universities. Jump – owned by Uber – has 20 locations throughout the US. Bolt was just founded this month by none other than the famous Usain Bolt! Everyone is cashing in on the freedom of all the travel with none of the overhead of owning a car!

That’s it! Super cool right? We think so too. Here at Whym we’re always trying to find new ways to let you explore somewhere new and we couldn’t think of a more fun (and nostalgic) way to do so. Plus, when you’re pulling up to that concert we have on your itinerary, the envy of everyone else in line, all you have to do is end your ride! Here’s to never worrying about finding parking again!


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