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Virtual Travel Tours That Won’t Disappoint

You know we always got your back, right? We understand the severity of the current circumstances in the world and we only want to send positive vibes your way during this time. The health and safety of all of our readers and traveler friends is our main focus right now! That means we know you most likely aren’t traveling right now- and that’s okay! Grab a blanket, a spoon and some ice cream. Find the comfiest cushion on your couch and relax because we’re sharing some of the best virtual travel tours you can take right now!

1.Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

The Bryce Canyon National Park tour gives a fascinating virtual view of Utah’s beautiful landscape. If you any travel plans canceled that involved any kind of hiking or climbing, this is the perfect tour. You can even click and drag through on your own time so you won’t be rushed. You could stay here all day without worrying about losing sunlight!

2.The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

If you’re an art lover, this is an awesome and organized virtual tour in Amsterdam that features the largest collection of artwork from the famous Vincent Van Gogh. Housing over 200 paintings, 500 drawings and over 750 letters, this virtual tour is perfect for those vacationers who planned on submerging themselves in a little culture on their next trip.

3.The Great Wall of China in Huairou District, China

If your future travel plans included something historical this year, this tour will not disappoint. We imagine The Great Wall of China is a must see destination in everyone’s lifetime, and thanks to the current circumstances, now is your chance to sit back, relax and make it happen! In your PJs…with your dog…FOR FREE.

4.Mars…the one in space. Yep.

Calling all aspiring astronauts! Now is your time to shine. You can officially travel to Mars. The cool thing about this tour is that it’s guided and actually very informative. We know you probably didn’t experience canceled travel plans to Mars in the last few weeks…but now you have an excuse to go anyway. You’re welcome.

5.Marie Laveau’s tomb in New Orleans, Louisiana

A lot of our travel friends at Whym travel to New Orleans every year so we thought it would be nice to include on the most famous sites to visit in Louisiana. This tour is short and simple but definitely a cool one to check out of your recent spooky trip Nola was postponed.

We hope your cabin fever doesn’t last too long and these tours gave you a nice break from living room reality! If you can’t get enough of the virtual tour life, or you just really love your couch, here a huge list of exciting destinations you can visit year round. You’re so welcome!


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