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Money Saving Tips for a Weekend Getaway

Sometimes you get the urge to getaway on a whym– we totally feel you! Sometimes you don’t always have the budget to do so-we still feel you! Don’t let the fact that your saved up “travel” money is, um, non-existent, keep you from having the best weekend of your life! 



1. Travel with budget airlines!

If you’re willing to be flexible on the days that you’re traveling or even better, WHERE you’re traveling, you can always find great deals with budget airlines like Allegiant, Spirit or Frontier. They certainly get a lot of hate for being known to “get you” with those extra carry-on and seat preference costs but if we’re just talking about a 2 day trip, you have nothing to worry about! Your one allowed personal bag will be just fine. And do you really need a window seat if your trip is this cheap? Nah. You may not be getting that delicious bag of free pretzels and half can of minute maid, but the money saved is certainly worth it.  



2. Hostels- but safety first!

Hostels can be a great money saving idea when you’re traveling on a whym! You can get beds as cheap as $8 a night in some cities if you’re willing to share your space with other travelers. Not a bad deal if your privacy isn’t a huge priority. Hopefully you’ll be spending the majority of your vacation outside of the room anyway! Hostels are great but can be intimidating sometimes so always be sure to Yelp before hand! 



3. Pack your food and drinks and eat out once a day.

Depending on what you’re traveling for, bringing your food and drinks with you can save a ton of money! The only time this doesn’t make sense is if you’re a foodie and traveling exclusively to stuff your face all weekend(we are totally not judging and are slightly jealous.) The cost of bringing a reusable water bottle and 2 days worth of portable snacks like protein bars, nuts and jerky could easily cost under $30 for your entire trip. Eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days on vacation can add up quick. Try only eating out and splurging for your favorite meal of the day! 



4. Skip the Souvenirs!

Do you really need that $10 magnet? Hey, we’re just looking out for you! Unless you know that you’ll regret leaving it behind, save that money, honey! 



5. Groupon or Yelp Coupons!

Ah, the holy grail of budget traveling! It doesn’t matter what city your getaway is in, mobile apps and websites like Yelp and Groupon always come through with restaurant and hotel coupons. You can always save you money on local events and things to do, all in the palm of your hands. 


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