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Brunching in the Big Cities: West Coast

Who doesn’t love a great brunch spot?? Better yet, who doesn’t MISS a great brunch spot? Times are lonely right now but we always choose the find the silver lining in unfortunate set-backs. Like when a global pandemic effects our ability to brunch in our favorite cities. But don’t worry- as soon as you’re able to finally binge mimosas and pancakes again, you’ll know exactly where to go! Here are our top 5 picks for brunching in some of the west coast’s most popular cities:

République in Los Angels, California

Part cafe & bakery and part restaurant, République offers high quality fine dining with delicious menu options that look as good as they taste. You’ll certainly want to make reservations and probably order multiple items on the menu. Oh, and don’t forget to stop by their crèmerie on your way out!

Echo & Rig in Las Vegas, Nevada

Calling all meat lovers!! If you’re a steak for brunch person and you’re visiting the west coast, you’re in luck. Echo & Rig has two location in Las Vegas and Sacramento serving up a huge menu from the butcher shop and bottomless Bloody Mary’s for only $22!

Snooze in Denver, Colorado

If you live in Colorado, have been to Colorado or have even just been through this square of beauty, you’ve probably heard of Snooze. It’s a must enjoy brunch spot with delicious twists on traditional brunch options plenty of vegan options and various Bloody Mary flavors to choose from. No reservations- seating is first come first serve and it’s definitely worth getting out of bed early!

Common Bond in Houston, Texas

This community loved bakery and bistro in Texas is known for its gourmet pastries baked goods and seasonally served savory brunch dishes. Their menu offers everything from homemade granola and fresh baked bread boards to breakfast tamales and parmesan fries and everything in between.

Lula Cafe in Chicago, Illinois

This artsy family0-owned Chicago cafe is loved by locals and offers a menu full of farm fresh ingredients, pastries, coffee drinks and wines. You’ll come hungry and leave happy with a new appreciation for local artists and talented chefs.


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