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Escaping the Late Summer Heat

With the heat of summer continuing to encompass us all, here at Whym we’re daydreaming about pumpkin beers, hot chocolate and the cool breeze of fall. It only makes sense that our daydreams take us to the North-Eastern point of the United States: Maine. A place full of whimsy and beautiful views, mountains and lakes and lighthouses abound, Maine seems like the perfect way to beat the summer fever. 



From hiking to shopping, to a certain famous horror author’s home, Maine is full of plenty of gorgeous sites and fun surprises. Here’s our top five, must sees.



  1. Stephen King’s House
    Located in Bangor Maine, in a neighborhood that feels like perpetual autumn, you can find the beautiful Victorian home of Stephen King. Wrought iron gates with spider posts and trees that sport luxurious deep red hues, year round, it’s no doubt that Stephen King lives a life of style. We’ve heard that he’s been known to come outside and offer private tours of his home but just being right outside his gates feels like peering inside this world class author’s mind. 

  2. Acadia National Park
    Maine’s crowing treasure, a national park that allows you to experience their beautiful coastlines as well as the wonder of the woods. This park boasts 47,000 acres of diverse wildlife and landscapes. Open year round, this park has something for everyone; from the laid back picnic type of hikers, to the serious outdoorsmen. 

  3. Breweries
    Maine is chock full of micro breweries and host a beer festival in November in the city of Portland. Or check out their Maine Brewer’s passport and make your way through some of the coolest microbreweries they have to offer. 

  4. Palace Playland
    Looking for thrills? Visit Maine’s beachfront amusement park, this is a five acre, family owned amusement park, home to Maine’s largest arcade. This place is a blast for the young at heart. 

  5. Museums
    For those that love to experience culture, Maine has compiled a trail of museums that are a must see. This features eight museums, compiling more than 73,000 pieces of art. 



If you’re drooling over the idea of escaping this late summer sun, we feel you. Let us know a little about you and your interest and we’ll handle the rest!


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