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Must Pack Travel Gadgets for your Next Camping Trip

At times like these, it seems like camping is one of the safest vacation options and we think you should take advantage of it while you can-especially if you’ve never been before! There’s nothing like sleeping under the stars at night and just being one with nature.

But….some of us are a little spoiled or maybe just not quite the outdoorsy type-we get it! That’s why we’ve scavenged around to find some of our favorite camping gadgets to give your next camp trip a little more ease so you can focus on the fun part and let technology(oh, how we love it!) handle the hard stuff.


Is it really camping if you don’t smell like sweaty armpit and campfire on day 2 of your trip? Yep! You can definitely still smell decent and you should. Please. The scrubba wash bag is basically a teeny tiny washing machine that makes washing your clothes when camping super simple. All you do is fill the bag with your dirty clothes, water and soap then roll and zip the bag tight and scrub clean. So simple yet so necessary.


This solar powered charger can charge up to 3 smartphones and even GPS devices or speakers! It’s also water resistant and pretty much “camp-proof” if you will. This device doubles as a bright LED light and a strobe device in case of emergency. This is one of those things you never knew you needed so badly.


No Wi-fi? No problem! The goTenna at REI is a tiny gadget that allows you to send texts, view maps and share your location from virtually anywhere, even high up in the mountains or deep in a forest. It’s essentially a “pop-up” network called mech technology. We’re no tech pros here but we know a necessary travel gadget when we see one!


We’ve all seen the videos of how well LifeStraw works and if you haven’t experienced it for yourself, you should! These self-filtering bottles with active carbon straw filter could end up saving a life on your next camping vacation- or at the very least saving you from extreme dehydration.


A tree hammock is one of those things you always say you should get and keep putting it off because “chairs.” Well listen, chairs are close to the ground which means you’re more susceptible to bugs. Chairs also don’t cuddle you and comfort you like a tree hammock will. Need we say more? Just get one!


This water-proof inflatable light provides up to 16 hours of light, is water resistant and will float on water. It only requires one battery, it’s easily transportable and light-weight making it the perfect light source for your next camping excursion.


In the instance that you lost or forgot your LifeStraw, CamelBak has got your back! These self-dissolving tablets will cleanse your nasty camp water in less than 5 minutes! They provide pure taste and remove any odor. The ingredients used are also safe for the environment!


If you want to see the cutest stove of your life, click the link, okay? Even if you already own of these-maybe you just need a better one? Eureka’s portable camp stove is bringing the heat(lol who are we without puns) with a compact and sleek design that will take up such little space on your campsite that it won’t be a burden to pack or unload at all. When it’s folded up it’s about the size of briefcase making travel super simple.


An all weather blanket is a no-brainer. They’re so cheap and efficient of keeping you warm or cool at night-they’re capable of radiating 80% of your body heat! At less, than $20 it’s worth the price just to keep on hand.


Another no-brainer if your doggo is frequently traveling by your side. Light up collars just give you a little piece of mind knowing that you can see your best friend and they are safe at your campsite. This specific collar is visible for up 1,000 feet away!


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