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Travel Apps to Download Before your Next Trip

Apps have been seriously life-changing for humans in the last decade. And as much as we mean this about the kind you order before dinner, we’re actually talking about mobile applications(obviously you knew that). From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, we pretty much rely on our mobile apps as our personal assistants throughout the day.

Travel apps are arguably essential for the modern traveler! The simplicity of finding things to do, parking spots, discounts , flight times and cheap gas prices and even planning entire trips being right at our fingertips has really changed the vacay game for anyone with a smartphone.


If you’re like most normal people, procrastination just happens. Even with important things like booking a safe place to rest your head when you’re traveling. We’re only human. *Kanye shrug* Luckily, there’s an app that not only comes through for traveling procrastinators but also finds you great deals on last minute hotel rooms.


If you aren’t hip to airbnb yet, you’re missing out on some unique opportunities to stay when traveling. With this app you get the opportunity to stay in gorgeous apartments or homes in the city your staying that people rent out by the night. Think a more homey (and probably way cooler) version of a bed and breakfast!


Since we’ve already addressed all you procrastinators, we’ll now address anyone who may not be the most organized traveler. Don’t worry- we’re never judging! Also, TripIt totally has your back. This app allows you to completely plan your trip ahead of time so that you never miss a flight, bus, reservation or opportunity! This is a great app if you have a lot planned or are traveling with a big family.


Listen, not everybody wants to read on their flight and that is totally understandable. All you have to do is download the Netflix app(assuming you have an account) and watch on your phone or tablet. You have endless options of entertainment to watch OR hours of scrolling through movies and shows only to tire yourself out and fall asleep before finding something. Either way, you’re entertained.


If you’re traveling internationally, this app is the top rated for tracking currency exchanges and transferring money. It’s pretty straightforward but extremely handy to have when you need it.


Really, everyone should have this app whether they’re traveling or not but it is exceptionally helpful when traveling internationally and you’re not completely confident with the language barrier. All you need to do is whip your phone out and speak or type what you need to say and Google turns into your personal handheld translator.


Groupon has some good deals and if we’re being honest, some straight-up weird deals as well BUT it is an awesome app to have if you’re looking for something touristy to do when traveling. They always come through with huge deals on tours and city-walks in thousands of cities across the globe as well as local restaurant coupons!


Trip Whistle is a must download app for anyone embarking on a international solo trip or even groups of people who are adventuring somewhere they aren’t familiar with. The app provides you with all lists of over 70 different international emergency phone numbers in more than 169 countries!


If you’re vacationing in a big city or somewhere that is heavily populated and don’t plan on ubering, Spot Hero is for sure going to come in handy! Spot Hero is partnered with different parking facilities all over the nation and allows you to reserve spots(at a discounted rate) ahead of time so you’re never left wasting valuable vacation time driving in circles trying to find a spot.


The Rebtel app allows you to cheap calls back home when you’re traveling internationally. Rebtel optimizes your international calling by connecting them through local phone lines to save you money, and we ALL love to save some money!


This is the app we never knew we needed. Dayuse is unique in that it allows you book hotel rooms for just a few hours in the case that your have a delayed flight or overlay. Great for anyone looking to get some rest, find a fitness facility or even a spa!


If you’re an avid gym goer and your vacationing somewhere without a place to workout, this app has your back. It filled with awesome workouts that you can do anywhere at any time. All you need is your phone!


Hostel world essentially makes booking a hotel or hostel simple and fast in the palm of your hand. You just need to download the app and you’re provided with millions of reviews to help you find the right place to stay. They also have great customer service in 19 languages to assist you with any questions you might have about a reservation.


Vacations are supposed to be easy going and relaxing. Driving in a foreign city with lots of traffic is the exact opposite of that. Luckily ride apps like Uber and Lyft exist and take the hassle and anxiety out of having to drive everywhere. Save the frustration and enjoy your trip the way you were meant to!


The Roadtrippers app turns an average road trip into what an ideal road trip is meant to be! It’s a map based app but what makes it cool is that they provide tons of interesting stops along the route they provide on your trip! They also provide all the restaurants, rest stops and hotels you could need when traveling. This app essentially just levels up your next roadtrip.


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